Color Services


Style after Colour (not included with color services)

$25 to $38
Relax and have your hair styled by Laurie or free of charge, a station with tools and products is available to do your own.


Say "good bye" to unwanted roots.

Colour for the Ends

$28 +
Colouring the "ends" of the hair is for when a colour is being changed or if it has faded and needs to be refreshed.

Colour with a partial foil

$125 +
Touch up the regrowth then add some highlights and/or lowlights. This can give you a lot of contrast or just a little.

Colour with a full foil

$165 +
Same idea, but with a whole head of foils. Good idea if you wear your hair up.

Full Foil

$125 +

Partial Foil

$95 +
Highlights and/or lowlights. Pick one colour or a couple for more variety.

Individual Foils

Perfect for adding a little something to your hair. A few pieces of blond around your face or a peekaboo of color.

Toner Colour

$25 +
Deposits the desired colour and tone on to hair.

Colour Remover

$65 +
This service is used for correction work and for colour changes. It allows us to start with a fresh canvas.

Colour Correction

estimated price with consultation
A consultation is very important for this. It allows us to schedule the time required to do the correction and to determine what happened and how we are going to fix it. The right products will be recommended. A blow dry is a must to see the finished results. A second appointment may be needed. Correction work is never rushed.
Applies to all services - surcharge for thick/long hair $15 +